Mohammed Oud

Mini Incense Box

Dhs. 50

A collection of three dokhon and scented luban. 

Dokhon Aseel:

A perfect blend of Arabic and French perfumes blended perfectly with a special luster of roses, amber and overwhelming saffron.

Dokhon Joory:

A fragrance inspired by the scent of French roses, revealing its delicate and attractive sweetness, so that it leaves no room but to surrender to its captivating charm, in an aromatic composition that smells of femininity.

Dokhon Royal:

It embodies the grandeur of the ancient heritage, and the creativity of the unique present, captivating the senses with an endless fragrance of oud, amber and penetrating musk, harmonizing with each other in a dokhon bottle.

Scented Luban:

Pieces of Omani frankincense were carefully selected and blended with high precision with selected French oils.

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